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  • I'm looking into a PSA software. Anyone uses it? Could you give me some feed back on your choices(AutoTask, ConnectWise, TigerPaws, other..?)?

    ex: Functionality, Scalability,Price, Support, Documentation, etc.


    Thanks you very much!

  • What do you want your PSA to do?

  • FYI - Been on ConnectWise for 5+ years and find it a very good product. Also hear the same thing about AutoTask. Tigerpaw seems to be doing a good job of catching up with the other two (although not there yet). AutoTask and ConnectWise are more expensive than TigerPaw. My opinion is to eval CW and AT and see which one fits your needs the best.

  • David - Not sure why you are ruling out Tigerpaw... I have been a VERY happy Tigerpaw user for about 5 years as well.  I have compared all 3 products initially and then after 2 years of Tigerpaw,  I re-evaluated Connectwise against Tigerpaw.  Tigerpaw is cheaper and does more than Connectwise.    I would not switch even if Connectwise was half the cost of TP.  But you are 100% correct Jean should evaluate all three products and not make a decision by individual feedback.   K-Forum is loaded with Connectwise supporters..I am glad I made my decision after carefully evaluating all 3 products.

  • I only left tigerpaw out because it only recently (in the past 2-3 years) targeted the msp market. Prior to that I supported it for other type of service providers and found their support  very weak for years (and their product was very weak for years too). However, like I said, these guys are doing a good job building momentum and trying hard to catch up with CW and AT. I still will leave them out until they prove thier lasting power and don't revert back to what I experienced with them over several years. Lord know we all want additional competition out there to push our vendors to improve.

  • Hi David,

    You might be doing yourself a disservice by not giving Tigerpaw a look. While our competitors have been focused on many things such as
    international expansion and acquisitions we’ve been extremely innovative the last few years, and in many cases have moved ahead of the pack. For example,
    Tigerpaw now has touch-free billing for your MSP agreements. You can set up an agreement, link pricing to your Kaseya assets, add non-managed items such as remote backup, and then let Tigerpaw generate/email an invoice on a specified date AND process the payment for the invoice on second date using ACH or a credit card. This is saving Tigerpaw partners on average 6 to 10 hours of admin time a month while reducing time to collect down to zero. To my knowledge, none of the other PSA vendors offer this ERP functionality in the box.

    Since I took over two years ago, we’ve changed about 85% of our management team, added new staff members while letting others go, and changed most
    of our processes. We’ve really redesigned Tigerpaw as a company, and I’m quite proud of the results. I understand your concern about us reverting back to what you previously experienced in the past, but we are not the same company, nor do we have the same product that you experienced at that time. :)

    If there is anything I or Tigerpaw can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.


    James Foxall

    President, Tigerpaw Software

  • Good morning James, good to see a major vendor joining in the forum fun.

    I've actually been keeping an eye on you guys, and this is where my comments about how much you guys have improved over the past couple of years came from. And I will stick behind my statement that if you guys can show lasting power in doing this, and keep adding those skins on the wall that you are continually collecting, then I see you guys as breaking through that wall that CW and AT have been successfully building for several years now and become one of the better PSA product choices for MSPs.

    However, I will also point out that for the first handful of years I was aware of your product, it wasn't really ready to compete with these guys in the PSA market, especially the lackluster support that was being provided for it. So even though you guys have gotten your act together (and then some), and gotten real aggressive as a competitor, I still feel you need to show your staying power and prove that this new approach is a religion and not a fad. If you do this, then don't be surprised when guys like me suddenly come knocking at your door because out vendors have failed to move forward.

  • Hi David,

    I appreciate your observations about our progress, and I respect your caution. :) You are right about where we were a number of years ago; we had gotten behind and it took a lot of time and resources to correct that. We have some great things in the pipeline, like our new mobile product that I know will blow you away. I believe these projects will demonstrate our continued commitment to the channel.

    I'm glad you're keeping an eye on us, and we're going to stay focused and keep working hard to prove ourselves. Again, please feel free to reach out to me anytime if I can be of assistance.


  • Hi everyone!  Thought i would chime in here.  I have been a Tigerpaw customer for over 15 years (Kaseya for 5).  While i have tried every flavor of PSA and MSP platforms over the years, and i can tell you from practice that NOTHING beats Tigerpaw and Kaseya as a unique package for managing a tech service business.  The one major edge that Tigerpaw has above all others is that they TRULY understand our business from our side of the fence.  So everything they do and every feature they create are heavily weighted by the opinions and processes of respected people working our field.  They also do not take their product, its development or its support lightly.  They understand that your PSA and MSP platform is a live or die synergy that MUST exist and MUST work well together at all times.

    In comparison, platforms and the companies behind them like Connectwise are more concerned about making a cookie cutter product with a big enough margin to keep selling it.  They also tend to concentrate heavily on one particular feature, such as invoicing and then wind up almost completely ignoring more important things like scheduling, contracts or time claiming.  Tigerpaw on the other hand is very well balanced and feature rich - although again, if they add a feature you can be sure that it is properly tested and vetted before it comes into existence.  Like some of you said however, sometimes others go further than Tigerpaw on some things, but i can guarantee you that the code, the stability and the consistency of a comparable Tigerpaw module is better than the competition.  Tigerpaw is also always listening, so just because a feature doesn't exist today, doesn't mean it won't exist tomorrow.

    So my advice is that you have to pick a product based on its features, but you also have to pick one based on the people behind it.  On the latter, i have bet my business on Tigerpaw.  Needless to say, i have not been disappointed.

  • We have been using Tigerpaw Software for about four years now in conjunction with Kaseya.  Not only does Tigerpaw automate many of our processes with Kaseya, it also enables us to deliver some impressive reports to our clients on a regular basis that WOW them with our attention to their accounts.  When we initially invested in Tigerpaw, we had compared them to CW and AT.  We found, at the time, that CW was way too pricey and AT did not have the level of intercompatibility that we needed.  Tigerpaw was a good product at the time that we started using it and has only improved regularly since.  The amazing thing about Tigerpaw is the fact that if you have a need that is not apparently being addressed by them, you contact them through the wish list or Client Advisory Group and you find your wishes granted.

    James mentioned that he has reorganized the company since he took the helm and that is exactly what they needed.  Since then, we have seen tremendous improvement in usability, interoperability and functionality.  It always depends upon what you need to accomplish, but we have found Tigerpaw to be an outstanding product that has helped us grow in leaps and bounds.  If you are assessing your options and pass on giving Tigerpaw a look-see, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  HTH.

  • Good afternoon Elehman666 (antiChrist???),

    My comments were not meant to knock TP in any shape. I do believe I said that they were doing a good job of attacking the PSA market. My comments were about their skins on the wall (how long they've been really committed to this). I really don't see them as being in the same park with CW and AT until they can show longevity. And this takes time.

    Regarding your comments about CW and AT vs TP, we can spend all day picking at strengths and weaknesses of each product, but in the end they all are good in their respective ways. Even though I use CW and not AT or TP, I do respect what their product have to offer. In some cases, maybe AT just doesn't address my needs. This is OK, all products have good offerings, I just picked CW because it fit me better.

    Finally, I was giving Jean my recommendation on what to look at regarding PSA's. If you notice, I was not looking to sell her on what I use. Instead I was trying to give her a quick summary on what I'd recommend her to look at so she can figure out what fits her company. Cause what me be great for you may suck for someone else.

    But hey, its only my opinion.

  • Same here David.  Just like the stock market or anything else, every business has to make a decision.  From an analyst standpoint, i would mark Tigerpaw as a STRONG BUY, whereas AT AND CW would get an average rating.  Not that they are bad products or do not fit certain businesses, but the cost per feature, the quality of the code and the people that stand behind it do not compare to Tigerpaw.  Tigerpaw in my view is unmatched in those areas and has proven that to me for over 15 years.

  • We have been using Tigerpaw with Kaseya for about 3 years and have been in IT for 17-years. I have found Tigerpaw support to be the best in the industry.  In addition, Tigerpaw listens to their customers and delivers on the requests.  Tigerpaw has been an excellent investment for us.

  • We were a Tigerpaw customer for a while up untill the start of this year. We are in Australia, and we found that Tigerpaw support over here was non existent. It was clumsy, and in general, we practically had to beg for help from the local support over here. Im glad to hear it isnt a problem elsewere, but unfortunately, i could NEVER suggest Tigerpaw to ANYONE in Australia.

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  • Commander - could you provide me details through a private message regarding who you worked with? We have a lot of happy customers in Australia, and I'm sorry things did not go well for you. Although it sounds like you have moved on, I would like the opportunity to address the issues with the party involved.