My organization is getting ready to make the switch from Numara Deploy to Kaseya Enterprise Edition. Right now, we are mostly focusing on agent procedures so that we can install all of our various software packages to our client computers. We were curious what the best practices were for scheduling procedures.

We have identified software groups that would be distributed to a user based on their position in the organization, currently we have created templates with scheduled procedures to distribute the appropriate software (so that we could copy the procedure schedule from template to computer.) A computer may get upwards of 3 or more software template settings applied to it (ie. Global Software, Departmental Software, and "Manager" Software.)

The problem comes in to play for us when we start to consider some of the "random" software packages that are distributed amongst our organization. Snag-it is an excellent example as it is sprinkled around our organization without any rhyme or reason. If a computer with Snag-it loaded were to hypothetically "die" on us, we could easily recreate it based on the user's departmental and role-based groups, but how would we remember to distribute Snag-it back to this user?

In Numara Deploy, computer Agents were "assigned" to software packages so if a computer was replaced, we would simply re-name the client/agent to it's old attribute and the prior softrware packages would be again deployed to the computer. In kaseya, since procedures are scheduled to a computer, how can we mimic this structure where computers/agents are "assigned" to packages.

I appreciate any insights anyone can lend.

Thank you,