So the guys upstairs are now putting pressure on me to upgrade to the latest release of Kaseya (V2 or 6.1). We are currently running a server with HW requirements to accommodate 1000 agents, but has windows server 2003 ENT and SQL 2005 ENT with Kaseya 5.0 with over 300 agents deployed and KES licenses on all agents. I have been following kaseya v2 since it was in beta, and was about to upgrade last year until I read that people were having numerous amounts of issues and bugs. So I waited for Kaseya to work out the bugs before upgrading. Now after all that time it appears that kaseya still never found a working solution for an in place upgrade that does not cause a massive headache to people like me, (e.g. scripts not working, old agents not updating, agents checking out and never returning, javascript errors... I made a list and verified in test environment)

So after reading around, it appears that the best way to upgrade is to stand up another server with the new version of kaseya import the scripts and point agents to it, wipe the old one and rebuild it with newest version of kaseya and move everything back.

Does anyone have any input on this or has a better solution?