Statement 1: "Windows Server 2008 does not require CALs of External Connector (EC) for any users or device that accesses your software instances only through the internet without being authenticated or otherwise individually identified through any means"

Question 1; Will this apply for Kesaya as a 3rd part software?

Statement 2: "Users and devices licensed with a CAL can access any instances (physical and virtual) running on any physical server. Outside of the exceptions above, each physical server that requires external user access must have an EC assigned to it. Each EC permits external users to access any instance running on a server whether it be in a physical or virtual OSE. You do not need additional ECs for each virtual instance on a physical server."


Question 2: Does this mean that we only need 1 External Connector license on a physical vmware node and can run all Kesaya front end servers under this vmware node?

Question 3: Anyone that have any experience with running Kesaya front end and/or DB server on a vmware? If so; how to spesify the VM guests? other inputs?