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Earthquake causes major damage in Christchurch

  • Our business building was flattened in the earthquake and our home severely damaged to the point where we got a red sticker.  This is used to say the house is unsafe and you are not allowed to enter.

    In the first day i was able to get two companies function with just Kaseya,  I sorted another one today.  I still have 10 servers off line that are in the middle of Christchurch which has no power and is cordoned of by the army.  I need to rebuild one of these servers from a USB drive that has a full backup just before the earthquake but I did not have a full online backup just databases.  Power came on briefly this morning so email would've been downloaded  so i have setup an alert to email when it comes on line again and I will attempt to backup the email on line as well

    I have managed to get my servers out of the building which were in a room at the back of the collapsed section.  The liquification round the door required some digging to get it out but I got there and my servers are at a family members house which has power and interent,  so at least I have mail


  • Goodluck man !!!!!!!!!!

  • Graham,

    Please let us know if we can help you in any way.  The community is here for you.

  • @Brendan - totally Agree !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for offers of help but not much can be done.  Kaseya is on a server in a datacentre in Auckland so that is no problem.  I host a forum and training site for our admins and this was down for a few days while i organised static IPs etc,  this was a bit of an epic as the only team at telecom that can do this was in Christchurch and so it was 3 days before I got it

    We have an office to move into which we started today although we have to share it for a few weeks, this is good as i was restoring a server in my garage using a generator for power.

    Our home got red stickered on Thursday which means it is unsafe and entry forbidden.  It was mostly the outside bricks,  some friends helped take all these down and we were able to get it reassessed so we can use it again.  Have no water, power or toilets but nothing like home

    this pictures shows my makeshift office restoring a server using a generator.  The garage was tilted at an interesting angle at the front so i got my builder to straighten it up a bit and make it stronger


  • I know Sim Bong in our Auckland office is coordinating some help, but if you get stuck, please reach out to the community.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who could spin up a VM for any servers/services you need help getting back online.