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Hi Kaseya'ites,


I have a few quick questions that I hope others can assist me with.  We are looking to purchase 4 - 250 user licenses of Kaseya (version to be determined) for the separate clients who's networks me manage for them. 

My questions are:

1).  Can we setup 4 separate servers with each one having a 250 user license associated with it?

2).  If we have one installation of all 1000 users, can it be setup so that each client can get individually branded login pages?

example:  company_a.domain.com sees their logo on there webpage....

                   company_b.domain.com see their logo but not company_a's 

I realize some of this is just creating a cname record, but I want to make sure the customization is available if we put all licenses on the same server.

3).  Does the above setups (I prefer option 1) require any specific versions of Kaseya?

Thank you all so much for your assistance.


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  • Stance question... But I do believe you'll be able to do this as long as all of your licenses to go over a total of 1000 agents.

  • Kaseya has one interface, which can be customized. However the whole package from kaseya is built to manage multiple clients and networks. I do manage about 40 companies at this moment with one license/kaseya environment.

    Why would you want to have different kaseya installs for different companies?

    The kaseya framework does not come in different versions. There is a base framework which can be extended which different modules like backup or anti-virus. These modules can be bought seperatly. The base framework has no differences in functionalities.

  • You can always create your own individual login pages for each company using the API to send the username and password for the main system to the KServer.  This is if you do a single server with all the licenses combined ... The only difference would be once they are logged in they would no longer see their own logo, but a single logo at the top of the page, but again you can use the interface to remove any logos from the interface altogether so that it looks branded at login, but no branding inside, and then if users from each company login you will want to restrict their views of data to that of only their own machine groups.

    And I do agree that it is MUCH simpler to run a single KServer than trying to setup 4 separate ones.