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Top 3 things to Automate?

  • What is everyone's top 3 things to automate in Kaseya?  I'm looking for some ideas.  What's worked best for you?  What's been the best ROI for automating?

    Right now, I'm looking at automating Desktop provisioning, and disk cleanup, but wanted to know what everyone else is doing?



  • #1 - Self Remediation for the common tasks. This prevents tickets from reaching the technicians in the first place. Fewer work tickets means techs can work with clients or on projects on more profitable tasks than AYCE helpdesk.

    #2 - Ticket Workflow Processing - filter out the BS from email-based notices, trigger advanced, agent-procedure based remediation, deliver parsable events into the PSA so they can be classified, have ticket notes applied by that classification that provides instructions on dispatch and typical remediation processes. Our experience is that this has led to an average of just 3-5 alert tickets per 1000 endpoints per day.

    Note that Self-Remediation means the monitor process itself fixes the issue, while Auto-Remediation means that the alarm is generated, processed, and automation is initiated separately to attempt to resolve the issue. These two were most important to reduce the number of alarm tickets that techs needed to touch.

    #3 - Proactive Maintenance to reliably perform tasks on all agents to prevent small problems from becoming client-impacting situations. Handle automation tasks based on installed services/applications to minimize or eliminate manual configuration.

    #4 - Reliable, consistent endpoint patching with minimal manual effort. Support for server patching in specific change windows and sequences of operation to handle application server groups. Application install/remove/update capabilities without creating client-specific procedures was closely related to this, so maybe "4a".

    #5 - Agent Onboard Initialization - automatically customize an agent configuration, deploy software (including MSP apps and Customer-specific apps, by agent, server, and workstation), run configuration procedures, and join the client's domain (where appropriate) whether on or off-site.

    OK - that's five, not three, but these were the top initial goals when we started building our VSA automation solution some 6 years ago. They weren't solved in that order as some took more effort to build than others, but it's allowed the original MSP practice to grow clients, agents, and engineers without extending the help-desk team (in fact, it dropped from 5 to 3 techs while increasing from 1200 to over 3200 agents).

  • Patching, proactive maintenance.

    Eg we have a low disk monitor that triggers an agent procedure to run a disk cleanup.