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Why Kaseya recommend to reject 30days old Update

  • Hi,

    I went tough the kaseya's training and they recommend to reject 30 days olds update do you know why ?

    Thanks for you help.


  • We still use the old Patch Management and I always Deny superseded updates regardless of age.  I have seen it cause problems and since there is a newer patch that resolves the same issue, no need to keep both.  I would be careful about denying based on Date as it is quite possible an older update would still be needed on a newly installed or managed PC.

  • I don't know why Kaseya does this. A patch is either current or superseded, regardless of age.

    Consider exchange and sql CUs for example. The most recent sql2008r2 CU is January 2018, but is still the most current patch, therefore essential to have installed.

    Just another reason to dislike software management, in my book.