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Major KAV issues

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Almost every single one of my installed agents for KAV shows a license error! Anyone else seeing this? What can I do to fix it?


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  • Yes, we were seeing it as well.  Too many issues with the Kaseya deployment of Kaspersky and we removed Kaspersky altogether.  Also when uninstalling it Kaseya was reporting that Kaspersky wasn't install on most of our machines but that was a misnomer.  Also, kept getting message that Kaspersky license expired yet the expiration date wasn't until 2/17.  It just became one issue after another.

  • I am assuming two things I hope you can confirm:

    - This is the new KAV module on R9.3

    - You are at the latest patch level.

  • We are on the new KAV module, and we are on the latest patch (

  • Unfortunately i'm not sure when this started if it is related to the last patch or not, is there any way to tell?

  • You are not alone in seeing these issues.

    All of these issues were supposed to go away with 9.3...

    Instead things appear to get worse each patch.

  • Anyone from Kaseya care to comment...seems i'm not the only one experiencing this issue

  • This is something that we have been struggling with for months.  The best solution we found was an agent procedure to force installing the license key.  As long as you have the same un-install password set in KAV, it will work.

    The procedure was provided by our support rep as part of the troubleshooting process.  We new apply this every month to all KAV systems.

  • that is an absurd workaround to this problem, I cannot believe they have not found a fix for you yet. Doesn't give me hope they will have one for me...

  • I agree it is absurd.  We've been having licensing problems since we went to 9.3.  We had to move to 9.3 because the KAV module in 9.2 was even more broken.

    If it makes you feel any better, we've seen improvement in the past few patches with KAV...but no, it's still not perfect and functioning 100%.

  • I have a heap of tickets open for KAV...the issues are getting fixed, slowly. For example, since patch .21 (I think) the profile compliance issues [agents randomly going out of compliance] seems to be fixed.

    The issues with licences also seem to be fixed in either .21 or .22 [after breaking in .18 or .19, or thereabouts] at least for me.

    My main issue now seems to be agents getting stuck not completing "pending actions' properly. I am working with support on this and there is an internal trouble ticket for the issue open, so it's being looked at. Since updating licences, doing scans, updating definitions etc. all rely on the pending actions system, a flaw there can mean just about anything in KAV can appear broken.....

  • So true, from what we see KAV will appear broken more times than it really is.

    Communication is the achilles heel here, unfortunately that means you can only verify the status by checking the agent on the local machine. I've heard and read of some clever Agent Procedures to check this. We have some in use on a daily basis.

    I really think this is becoming a bit ridiculous since we promise our customers to manage this and looking at our everyday experiences it's almost impossible to really control all issues we get. I would really like Kaseya to put together an article for Kaseya 9.3 (and possibly 9.2) with a current list (which keeps changing) of issues in the current patch. That needs to be complemented with easy to use Agent Procedures to fix.

    There is a Kaseya fix document, but that was compiled ages ago, in term of all the patches that tackle KAV issues, with literally dozens of fixes and changes since then.

    How KAV works now for us Kaseya users is strongly dependant on how high up the support chain you get your knowledge and help and this forum makes it clear it's rather a mess.

    Kaseya your move!

  • You make some compelling points here.  It's clear KAV has its struggles and continues to carry over into the new modules.  I have written these agent procedures, analyzed event log monitoring with automation tail-end, and a few other solutions to avoid the service delivery challenges you brought up.

    I am fortunate enough to have a team of engineers and Service Desk personnel to equip and empower to remediate these issues quickly and efficiently. I do agree with you on the scope where this is potentially concerning as I personally do not want to see tickets concerning licensing expiration.

  • just to add another voice to the original error, we are seeing this too, almost exactly as you have described. the way we are describing it internally are the endpoints are lost in space. and we don't know whats going on. for the most part, manually checking them, they all look fine. proper scanning, components and DB is current but nothing is getting back to the VSA. we have a case in and was told it was with development at this point

  • Our case we have been told has been handed off to engineering also.

  • We are seeing the same issues, all of our agents are "get Status pending"