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Ideas for PSA Management for SaaS customers?

  • Hi everyone, 

    I'm not new to Kaseya at all, but new to the SaaS platform, it seemed like the best idea on the balance of options at the time (reluctant to purchase brand new hardware to facilitate the redundancy and capacity requirements we have here). 

    At the time of purchase i was told Kaseya and ConnectWise integrated perfectly, turns out that is on the On Premise version of Kaseya only. Neither company has any plans to support us at all which is disappointing but it leaves me with a few things i need to explore.

    When a Severity One alert is triggered, it emails a@a.com, Connect Wise picks it up and attaches it to a default customer we created in Connect Wise. This is OK when we have 100 servers we manage, but not 10,000. I can't afford to manually change the Customer name on every single ticket that comes through, especially when our customer base is growing every other day.  

    I keep hearing about the SaaS platform being the way of the future, which is fine, i get it, i'm an advocate for many reasons, i just would have explored other options if i knew the PSA integration on the SaaS platform was not going to work. 

    I'm wondering if anyone has any business practices they'd like to share, or any experience with SaaS platform and Ticketing through a PSA?

    I know the questions rather vague but i'm wondering if it'll trigger a discussion that gives me ideas about how to solve the problem

  • You could parse the emails and match the Kaseya group to a ConnectWise company and change the from address of the email to an email address in that Connectwise company's contacts.  We do something similar and it works.  You'll have to program the parser or find a program that does it.  We both program our own parsers (using PHP right now) and also use a program that does something similar.