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ESXi SNMP Monitoring Best Practices

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Hi All,

I am trying to set up monitoring of ESXi 5 servers on Dell PowerEdge R510s.  I am able to get VMware specific SNMP values from the box, but don't seem to be getting any Dell hardware level (Raid, Fans, Temps etc) information.  Has anybody set up SNMP monitoring in a similar configuration, and if so, how did you accomplish getting the hardware level information?

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  • We're currently using LogicMonitor for ESXi monitoring and it works great: www.logicmonitor.com

  • Also take a look at the KNM 5 module coming out shortly. From what I remeber it had some pretty extensive momitoring for VMware.

  • For our HP's we needed to install the servers with the original vendors installation disk. We also installed several ESXi servers with an universal installation disk and in that case we were unable to read the SNMP counters.

    That could be your problem.

    With the vendors install disk we could read a huge list of counters, see picture below;

  • I used www.claudiokuenzler.com/.../check_esxi_hardware.php -- its kind of ugly as you need a host machine to run it on, and that machine in turn needs python installed and the python wbem edttension, but in the end it works. You also need to work out how to pass it the ESXI username and password.

    I cooked it all up into a script and i run the script on a recurring basis, and parse the results roughly - if the returned base status is anything other than "OK", it sends me an email and i then manually log onto the ESXi host and query further.

    Yes, it's somewhat ugly, but it costs $0 extra, and that's my kind of price :)

    I've caught a failed disk in a RAID array using this tool, so i know it does work.

  • in response to christian middag, you need the vendor specific CIM pack loaded into your ESXi host. e.g. for HP boxes, google "ESXI HP CIM Providers"  -- or just follow karciauskas.wordpress.com/.../how-to-install-the-hp-cim-providers-on-esxi

    All the HP supplied custom ESXI installer is, is regular ESXI woth the CIM pack pre-bundled into it already.

    the other big players (IBM, Dell, etc.) all provide add-on CIM providers for hardware monitoring - so oyu can just grab them and load them into your plain ESXi image if you like. That way, you don't have to wait for the vendor to update their custom installer every time VMWare releases an unpdated build!

  • Thanks Craig! I will try it!