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Remote subnet LAN watch

  • I have a new client that is spread out through the east coast and has a hub & spoke network. There is only 1 server for all sites (AD DC at the hub), as the spoke offices communicate to the server through a IPSEC tunnel. I got kaseya installed on their DC and was able to use LAN watch to scan all workstations on the local subnet (eg. 172.5.10.x) of that server, but when i try to scan for workstations on other subnets (172.5.20.x-172.5.60.x) through the IPSEC tunnel, view lan returns no results. I can ping any computer from any office and resolve DNS, so i know it is not a firewall issue. I am wondering if LAN watch is not able to scan IP's of different subnets.

    Also I am able to view all workstations from view AD computers, and have selected to run the agent installation executable, but i would like to have a faster way of installing kaseya, instead of having my client reboot all their workstation for the installation through view AD computers to work.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The upcoming Network Discovery module will be able to do what you want, however LAN watch can do it to now, but you need to have a computer on site already that is setup with a K Agent either way to do the discovery either thru the new module or thru the LAN Watch ... In your case however, I'd recommend a logon script to install the agent if not already installed ... under the Agent tab you can create the scripts for the logon to the domain ...

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