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Access information from another admin account

  • Hi guys,

    REALLY hoping someone can help me with this. At my company we created user accounts via AD, which worked great. We recently went through a domain rename and afterwards it would not allow us to access the accounts because there was no DC available to authenticate.

    As such I created new accounts for everyone under the new domain. The problem now is that all our custom scripts / reports are stuck on those old accounts which we cannot login to since there is no DC available for the old domain to allow login.

    Is there anyway to solve this such as tricking Kaseya to allow me to login, moving the accounts to the new domain, moveing the accounts to local admin accounts, or altering my KAseya ID to match the old accounts.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Finally got a response from Kaseya Support which resolved this issue for me. I wanted to post the solution (as simple as it is in retrospect) in case anyone else comes across this in the future.

    If you need to get access to information from an account that you no longer have access to:

    "Deleting an administrator transfers ownership of all private scripts, agent install packages, not-closed tickets and other private data to the currently logged in administrator."

    I deleted the administrator accounts and all my scripts came flowing back.


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