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Logo on the Kaseya main logon page

  • Hello. I just noticed that the logo on the main logon page for our K server is the standard Kaseya logo, and not our customized logo.

    Once you logon, then our customized logo is displayed.

    I looked through the customize screens, and didn't see where/how I coudl specify a graphic file for the logo for the main logon page. Is it hiding somewhere?


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  • I believe this is what you are after?..

    You will need to edit the actual header html page.
    You should also change the header page as per this doco.



    Editting the C:\Kaseya\Webpages\access\defaultHeader.htm to change the logo works for a short while, but then the logo reverts back to the "Kaseya" logo.

    The Re-apply Schema process runs on a regular basis. This overwrites all asp and html pages, causing any changes to these files to revert to the original.


    The logo can be overwritten, using the following process:

    1. Copy C:\Kaseya\Webpages\access\defaultHeader.htm and name the new file C:\Kaseya\Webpages\access\myDefaultHeader.htm
    2. Edit C:\Kaseya\Webpages\access\myDefaultHeader.htm in notepad
    3. Replace the occurrence of /themes/default/images/logo.gif with /themes/default/images/my-logo.gif
    4. Save this file
    5. In Kaseya, choose System > Server Management > Customise
    6. Choose the option Customize the header on the logon page (both users and administrators) and the function list first seen by users after logon.
    7. Replace the URL of top frame with access/myDefaultHeader.htm (was access/defaultHeader.htm)

    To change the header on the page seen by users after login you need to use "Customize the function list first seen by users after logon" and repeat step 6 above.

    To change the logo for logged in admins, use the "Customize the graphical user interface" function > Set Corporate logo image and select your my-logo.gif file.

    System Tab > Customize

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  • Thanks very much. That sounds like a match.


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