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Sessions Timeouts

  • Hi

    I would like some feedback on what everyone else is doing about Kaseya sessions left logged on at clients' sites. This could be fatal if it got into wrong hands. We all have engineers travelling to clients' sites and I am sure they all have logged on to the Kaseya box from those sites.

    Any Suggestions?

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  • 1) Beat on any Eng who does this.
    2) Set inactivity logout to 30 mins or less.
    3) Beat on him some more!!!

    Finally, we actually do our best to teach our eng to logout, ot at least put on their screen saver. Me and my service manager LOVE when we catch one who forgot to lock his workstation when heading out of the office. We then open his email and send out an "interesting" message form them to everyone else in the company. After having that happen a few times we find out techs start to become more attuned to logging out/locking their systems when they step away (which I hope will translate to the field system they are on).

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