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report on disk space

  • I am looking for a way to report on disk space over time. Basically be able to show the client where they started at and how its progressed till now when the report is ran. I see that the report "machine changes" showes the disk changes from the first audit till latest. Is there a way to get this info into a chart of some sort?

    If I can't get the info do I have to create a monitoring task on the disk in order to get the info so I can create a report?

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  • I would suggest:
    - Create a Monitor Set to monitor the Logical Disk Free Space, either GB or %.
    - Configure it to Sample once every 8 or 12 hours (for the purpose of charting history, you realy don't need dozens of monitor points each day, 1 or 2 a day would probably be just fine)
    - Assign that Monitor Set to the machine(s).
    - Then you could look at the Monitor Log, or a Monitor Report, to view the disk usage for the past few months.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Hi Wayne,

    We did get this working but we did it ourselves somewhat out of Kaseya. Basically what we did was we created a new table in the Kaseya DB called diskinfo and each sunday night we run an automated task on SQL that captures the disk info for all our servers and stores it with the kaseya Group name and the time and date. We then created a report using SRSS that has a line graph and basically it just plots each weekly snapshot on the report. We kicked it off end of November I think so we have bascially every week since then. Works a treat


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