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Database Access - How to View Script Schedules

  • Hi all,

    We are using SQL reporting internally to give quick visiblity to staff of what is going on in Kaseya.

    I cannot seem to find in the KAseya DB where it stores scheduled scripts.

    What I want to do is produce a report on the fly for specific Scripts so that staff can quickly view information.

    so for example we have a shutdown script for servers and we schedule different clients servers to shutdown on different days during the week and month.

    I want our engineers to be able to run this report and see that Client X servers rebooted last night and they are scheduled to reboot next week at the same time.

    Does Kaseya store this schedule information and script info in the DB or in file format.



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  • Kaseya stores all this information in the database. There are two views associated with scripts but if you look at the database you will see a number of tables dbo.script***** that relate to the scripts.


    are probably the three you would be looking for.

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  • Hi Doug,

    I had a look at this but could not locate the scripts. Those tables are there but could not seem to see how to extract the right info.

    Can you help any further - I just want to run a report so be able to choose a script and say on these machines when is it set to run.


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