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Offline alerts: After-hours vs office hours

  • Is there a way to have different alert thresholds based on the time of day? So for example if a server is offline for 2 minutes during the day I want to know about it.

    But I don't want a pager to go off at night until it's been offline for 20 minutes. (I realize I can mitigate SOME of this with Suspend Alarms if it's a planned thing but if an ISP takes a circuit down for testing at 2AM for 5 minutes I'd rather not know...)

    We use Connectwise also and I've been beating my head against the workflows to see if I can accomplish this there but I don't see a way to do it.

    We do have a WhatsUP server available that I could use for this but I'd hate to have a third system to have to configure for new customers.

    How has anyone else dealt with this?


    Bill Street

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  • One way this could be done is forwarding rules in Outlook. Send your email to an alert email address, then setup rules to forward emails to pager etc. based on hours.

    However, if anyone does have a way to do this within Kaseya, I'd be interested as well.


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  • I'd love to hear what folks have come up with for this ... Exchange Transport Rules? Policy Management and Procedures? Anything? Bueller?

    Update: from other posts, it seems like Service Desk SLA is the best way to address this?

    [edited by: Kerry DeVilbiss at 1:19 PM (GMT -7) on 4-30-2012] Saw other posts referring to SD as solution.