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disable stolen laptop

  • I need a script to disable a lost or stolen laptop/PC. Been searching forums and I thought I have seen this before but can't find it now.

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  • I saw this posted the other day, you might be able to use it.

    Also, just search the Foum for "stolen"


    Fake a crash


    We had a user with sensitive (incriminating) information on his laptop that was about to be terminated. In order to get the laptop back without him deleting the sensitive data we ran a script to rename ntdetect.com to ntdetect.bak and forced a reboot. Within a few minutes we received a call from him that his laptop crashed. We told him to send the laptop in so that we could repair it and he was let go a few days later. All we had to do was rename ntdetect again and the laptop booted fine.



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  • Brilliant..

    I supposed you could also change all the passwords on the system...

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