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Secondary SMTP server

  • We had an issue in the past where our internal Exchange server had a BSOD and when it happened, Kaseya had no way to send us an alert that there was a problem since the SMTP server in IIS is using a smart host pointing to the Exchange server. Is there a way to configure Kaseya to use a secondary SMTP server in case the smart host is not available?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • I know this is an acient post but I figured it was better than creating a duplicate.  This issue really should be addressed.  I have secondary monitoring for my SMTP server but it would be nice to keep things in Kaseya.  This seems like an easy feature to implement and would be beneficial to many users.  Keeping email up is almost everyone's top priority.

  • never seen this thread before, but i agree this is on my wishlist too !

  • I'll second (third, fourth) this notion!