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  • My clients are finding it confusing when using the video streaming tool. When they click on the admin's name it take you to a page that attempts to use activex controls to download the kaxremote tool. By default most browsers security settings are set too high for an activex control to just run without any user interaction. Is there a way to disable or bypass the activex control and to just download the executable file instead? I think the page that controls the download is Kaseya/WebPages/access/winVncRemote.asp. I'm sure that I have not explained this properly so sorry ahead.


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  • If you wait a minute or two, the page will detect that the ActiveX control failed to load and will then place a link on the page that states "Click here to manually download...". Have your users click on that link to manually download/run the control.

    However, the problem of security on these controls could be addressed by using a GPO to push out your site to their Trusted Sites zone, and to push out the proper ActiveX security settings for the Trusted Sites zone.

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  • be sure to inform them to allow the connection if their firewall pops up too btw

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  • Yea... and make sure you subscribe the video streaming Smile, if not you're not allowed to use video streaming tool. Smile but if i am not mistaken, if more than 500 users, kaseya will asked you to buy 1 license for video streaming at least 1. Less than 500 users, it's up to you to subscribe or not. Smile hehe...
    Sorry if i am not answer your question hehehe Smile just stupid info only......

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