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Network Protection Drivers

  • I am fairly new to Kaseya, but am looking to fully take advantage of the network access protection drivers.

    Here is the scenario. We are about to deploy laptops for a project we are working on and we need to restrict what applications can access the network (and subsequently the internet). Perfect job for the network protection drivers!!!!

    Question for you, there are only TWO apps that we want to allow get to the network, the first one is (1) OpenVPN client and (2) Internet Explorer (which will be forced through the OpenVPN connection. Easy enough to setup a policy for this.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Is there any way to use the Net. Protect. Drivers to to restrict WHERE the traffic for a specific application goes?

    2) I am assuming that if I configure it so that all apps are blocked EXCEPT OpenVPN and IE that (1) Kaseya will still allow the computer to create a network connection and (2) that the Kaseya agent will still be able to connect to the network and back to the KServer. Are my assumptions correct?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Answers:

    Question 1: No. It either restricts access to the network entirely or not.

    Question 2:Yes. It will allow a connection but even basic things such as LSASS , etc will be blocked. It does still checkin.

    God Bless,

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  • Be very careful with these drivers. Some applications are written with hooks into the LSP and do not play nice with the addition of the protection driver.

    We've had a few customers who've had issues with Oracle, ADP, personal backup software, contact management, etc. It almost always has been something non-mainstream but we all know those CFO's who run some cockamammy contact management software from 1983...



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