I was really hoping that the emPOWER course materials would include some Kaseya-recommended best practices for each section of the product. I've definitely not found this to be the case, and I'm a little disappointed. In fact, the training provided often does little more than read what's on-screen for each screen of Kaseya.

A good example is the BUDR course. The presenter of the course did not actually implement any of the items talked about (it was common to hear " would happen if you clicked the schedule button" or "in this section you can setup "). I think it's important to actually show those things in action, and not just say what would happen.

Furthermore, the server that was being used for the presentation was a terrible choice - backups had failed on the demo machine for the past two months, so the student is unable to see what a valid backup looks like in the logs. When the presenter talks about how the logs are "far more detailed" and will really let you see where the problem was, he clicks on the logs and the only entry is, "backup failed unexpectedly"... Not exactly what I would call detailed. The whole course really came off as unprepared and rushed.

What really irked me was when the presenter got to the offsite portion. Since I was looking for best practices here, it really bothered me when the scenario that the presenter setup was copying one customer's data onto the servers of another customer. This is obviously something you wouldn't want to do... Why make that your example?

I really think these courses need to be re-done to provide actual training, instead of glossing over the options of the product without explaining what they do. I would also hope that proper test servers would be setup in which the examples you're talking about (ie. a successful backup) can actually be demonstrated.

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