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Feature Request: File distribution/remote download

  • I would find it very useful to be able to use the Patch Management file source when distributing files to agents. That is, have a file download to the file source, then out to the agents. This way, when I want to send an install file in a script to 100 agents at one of my clients, it only has to be downloaded to their server, then all of their machines can get it locally.

    Similarly, I would like the ability to have an agent remotely download a file from the web. For example, I want to update the APC PowerChute software to the latest version on all servers. That is a 56Mb file. I don't want to push it out from my K server, but I don't want to have to login to each client server and download it manually. I would like to simply have a fucntion in a script that would allow me to enter a URL to a file and have that agent download it to either a specified location, or to the Patch file source.

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