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Looking for a Script ... (of any sort)

  • Or at least a starting point for looking into how to write this one ....

    I have a client that has 2 sites, and they keep their client files in a single directory at each site ... then each client has their own folder for whatever at each site, etc ... Looks like this --->

    C: .....
    Client Files .....
    Client 1
    Client 2

    And looks like that at each site ...

    Now for what I need to do - I need a script that will read the individual client folder name at compile a list at each site ... THEN ... I need to take both files and combine them and sort them alphabetically ....

    Anyone got any good starting points? Or should I pack it in for scripting and get someone to just program it for me completely?

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  • This should give you about 70% of what you need.


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