I have read in several MSDN articles that the fullfile patch is not supposed to require the installation media. My testing has shown that this is not 100% accurate. There are many variables that come into play when determining if Office can be patched without requiring the installation media.

Office 2000 almost always will require the installation media.

Most, but not all, Office XP patches that are fullfile patches can be installed without the installation media. Office XP client patches (these are partial binary patches for existing files) will always require the installation media.

Office 2003 introduced the MSOCache where the required installation files are stored on the user's hard drive (250-300MB). There are a number of reasons that this MSOCache did not get installed on the user's disk. If it is present, the installation media typically will not be required. This turns out to be very machine dependent.

For more detail info and links to Microsoft articles on this issue, go to http://www.kaseya.com/kforum/view_topic.php?id=528&forum_id=24.

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