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installshield record mode not working

  • I am trying to install an application through Kaseya. I have read article 10007: how do I deploy software using a vendor's standard install package. It has directions on how to launch the install package in record mode but I can't get it to work.

    The package was made with installshield and is a single file.

    The file is on my local computer's c: and is named AMCD4auto.exe

    I open the command prompt window and type C:\AMCD4auto.exe /a/r/f1c:\temp\mci.iss

    The install starts and I walk through the install.... butthe mci.iss file is not there.

    I havewindowsXPSP2.


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  • Have you tried searching the HDD for the .iss file, as install shieldcan putit in the system directory, or other random location.

    It could also be that the command line switchesare not supported on this particular install. Perhaps check with the software vendor and see if they supply an information on command line parameters.

    Silly I know - but are you certain that it's an install sheild installer? Does it actually state if you check the file properties? In step 3 of the application deployment wizard in Kaseya there is a tool (kInstId.exe)you can use to check the installer type.

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