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Configuring Kaseya for ISA Server

  • The ISA server itself requires different configuration form the clients behind the firewall.

    There are 2 documents here, one explains how to configure the ISA server so that its local agent can check in, the second explains how to allow kaseya traffic through the firewall for machines on the LAN.

    Document 1

    Document 2

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  • If a customer is behind an ISA firewall the agent may work 100% correctly until it comes to patching, we've found though the following on the ISA server will work.

    You will know this is needed if the clients get the 0x8024402C error when trying to do updates from the Windows Update site itself.

    On the ISA Server create a Destination Set called Windows Update containing the following sites:
    On the ISA Server create a Protocol Rule called Windows Update as follows:
    Action - Allow
    Protocol - Selected (HTTP, HTTPS)
    Schedule - Always
    Apply To - Any Request

    Create a Site and Content rule called Windows Update as follows:

    Destinations - Selected destination set (Windows Update)
    Schedule - Always
    Action - Allow
    Apply To - Any Request
    HTTP Content - All content groups

    On the client workstation, enable "use proxy" in IE, enter your proxy information, save and then run Windows Update. You can leave the ISA firewall client enabled or disabled as you see fit. If you still get the 0x8024402C error when you click on the Express Update / Custom Update, reboot your XP client computer and try again the windows update again.

    Thanks to Bryant for this information

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