Email alerts are taking a long time to arrive.


Delivering a mail for an alert involves several steps

1. The server goes down
2. Kaseya waits the designated time before doing anything about this.
3. Kaseya passes the email to IIS for delivery - this runs on a 2 minute cycle
4. IIS SMTP queues the mail and attempt delivery to the remote SMTP server
5. The remote SMTP server processes the mail and delivers it to the POP3 mailbox for the user
6. The mail client downloads the POP3 mail

All these steps can take a couple of minutes (or longer) to happen, and thus mails can seem to take a long time to arrive.


Although there isn't a "fix" for this, you can check the time that kaseya actually noticed the problem. If you look at the alarm log for the machine, you can see what time kaseya reported the problem. Any time from here is due to "normal" mail delivery times.

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