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Agents not installing via LANWatch ( Lan Watch )

  • The information in this Article applies to:
    Kaseya Agent (All Versions)
    Kaseya Server (Version and higher)


    After scanning the LAN using LANWatch you have entered apparently valid credentials andused a valid package to install agents on machines. Some have come back with obvious error messages, e.g. wrong username and password, no admin$ share- but some seemed to have just not installed.


    Run a manual instanceof the LANWatch to assess the problem. LANWatch uses a program called PSEXEC to remotely connect to and install the agent on remote machines, it is this program you need to run to assess the issue.

    1. Copy psexec.exe from kaseya server e.g. e:\kaseya\webpages\sharedfiles to c:\ on the machine on which you have been running LANWatch.
    2. Copy a version of the agent that includes the /r (force reinstall) switch in the package (this will force the install to proceed if some part of a previously failedAgent install still exsists) to c:\ as well.
    3. From a command line at the root ( c:\ )of theLANWatch machinetype the following command with MACHINENAME being the target machine for the agent:

    psexec \ \MACHINENAME -c -u domain\username -p password kcssetup.exe

    (If there is no name, you can leave out the domain, or try the targetmachine name)

    error code 0 = successful install

    Any other error message type the following to get info on error:

    net helpmsg {error number}

    These error messages are windows error messages and not Kaseya or PSEXEC error messages. A search using Google or on Microsofts site will offer further information.

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