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  • Have this section read an external .txt file for the list of apps to block

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  • Kaseya agent will read the KaseyaFW.ini in C:\Program Files\Kaseya\Agent

    In the end of the ini file, it will has something like this:

    ; The list of protected file names take the form of a filename line, followed
    ; by one or no approved, and one or no denied program lines. Each program line has
    ; the tag "Approved" or "Denied" followed by a space or colon, and a comma
    ; separated list of 8-character "progName".
    ; e.g. "Filename : c:\My Documents\mail.pst"
    ; "Approved : OUTLOOK"
    ; "Denied : netscape, ftp"
    ; "Filename : c:\Temp\myNotes.txt"
    ; "Approved : notepad, wordpad"
    ; The program name must be separated from the "Approved" or "Denied" tag
    ; with a space or colon.
    ; Program names will all be converted to lower case prior to use.
    [Protected File List]
    Filename : wordpad.exe
    Approved :
    Denied : ********
    Filename : aim.exe
    Approved :
    Denied : ********
    Filename : temp.txt
    Approved : firefox
    Denied : ********

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