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Advice needed on Moving KServer...

  • Alright folks,

    I'm in the process of re-homing our Kaseya server and I've done a fair bit of reading through manuals user guides (some forums too!) to see how other folk are attempting this, without interupting service or accessability during working hours.

    As it stands, we have an externally accessible KServer, used to administer support to various clients, the server is located off-site. I need to move this onsite so we can support it first hand and improve our service.

    It's hosted on a VM so the move is fairly straightforward, the only issue being the need to keep availability to all clients.

    I've came up with the following, and just wanted to see if anyone could improve upon it, or give me reasons why it won't work Smile

    1) Copy VMDK's and such from the current location to the new location (absolute duplicate of machine) - VMWare Converter or similar
    2) Ensure everything is happy in new location, started and working etc.
    3) On old server (accessible by ip and dns name) issue a client update so that the primary KSERVER is the dns name, and the secondary is the IP address of old server.
    3) Change DNS entry so our URL points to new server (at the weekend, and ensure database's are identical at this point)
    4) On new server set the Primary KServer as the Domain name, and secondary as the new server's IP address.
    5) Once all clients have moved over on their own, decommission old server
    6) Any stragglers can download a new client manually.

    I should probably add, we only use Kaseya for client access (no support tickets or similar), I can't see the database changing at all during the period of double-running. Am I right to assume this?

    So basically that's it, can you pick any faults or improve on it?


    Dave Whiteford

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  • The first question would be: Why can't this be done during off-hours?

    You can't have 2 K servers running with the same support key. So, your backup server you will want to keep from connecting to the Internet when you bring it up.

    What's your bandwidth between your hosting site and your local site? Also, what's your drive time? You will want to make sure you have the most up-to-date database you can on the "new" server so you don't lose any information (monitoring, alerting, logs, scripts, etc.) during the move.

    My suggestion would be to do the following:

    1) Copy your VMDK's and get the server running as you said (without Internet access)
    2) Issue your new IP address as your Secondary address NOW so you will catch clients that may be offline when you are ready to move. Make sure EVERY agent gets this change before proceeding.

    At the time of the change:
    3) Check the option to "Disable Alerting" or else you will be flooded.
    4) Issue the new IP address as your Primary check-in point and watch your agents fall offline.
    5) Make a backup of the Kaseya database using the System->Configure page n Kaseya and wait for it to generate.
    6) Download or copy/drive the database backup to your new server.
    7) Perform a restore of the database and get Kaseya up and running again.
    8) Enable Internet access on your new server and your agents will start checking in again.

    Note, agents have a function where they will only checkin once per hour when they lose connection to your server. So, it may take a little while for everything to come back online fully.

    I have done this process a few times moving to new hardware and it has worked pretty much without a hitch. I may have missed something, so if you have any questions, please ask.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Thats ideal, I thought I was along the right lines, but your suggestions are welcomed and hopefully it'll be a smooth move Smile

    I'm not planning to move it for a few days (next weekend I reckon) so I'll mull it all over and see if I have any questions. Hopefully it'll just be to confirm my success though

    Thanks again,


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  • This worked perfectly btw, I set the primary to the IP of thte new server, and the secondary to the DNS name, let the change propogate, powered down the old server and then powered up the new server.

    On the new server, before I switched the settings on the old server, I set primary to the IP of the new server, secondary to the dns name.


    Thanks for the advice


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  • No problem. Glad it worked.

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