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  • Hellu.

    Kaseya newbie and a bit confused.

    How do I get the Contry?
    #vMachine.Country# doesn’t work. Wink

    In Network Information from Machine Info I can read the Country the machine is connecting from.

    #vMachine.Country# = Sweden

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  • There is not a database view for country (that I know of)
    Have a look at the help function of kaseya and find "database views" and you can see what is available there.

    When we wanted to check for country we were more interested in the date format. This is stored on a per user basis.
    We used a regustry query of the value "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International" to check the country code.
    These look like they line up with the phone area codes (ie: Australia is 61)

    Hope this info helps...

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