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Chat from Agent Menu

  • Is there a way to script in the chat function through the agent menu on the client's machine? We have the ability to have them create a support ticket, but what if they just need to chat with us right quick. I realize this would need to be controlled depending on the type of client we have so they don't abuse it.

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  • Go to the Agent tab and under User Access you can enable/disable the chat option.

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  • I don't believe this gives you the ability to add this to the agent menu in the systray. This gives the user the capability to chat with us if they are logged into the user access page, where they can also create a support ticket.
    If I am incorrect, someone please confirm.

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  • You are correct. there seems to be serious limitations in the options available for the Agent icon. connecting to a web portal is not an answer and other products like Labtech and N-Able provide very easy and customizable menu options. including providing the end user the name of the computer IP address Domain and links to things like chat etc. Kaseya need to do this as well.

  • Andrew, please shoot me an e-mail at jeffrey.odolski@kaseya.com. I'd like to dive into the extent of what customizations to the agent menu is needed from your perspective. Cheers.