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Searching in the new Forum LOVE VBULLIT!!!!!

  • Hey I am so glad that WOWBB is finally gone. What a piece of ****! that forum software was..... Ah the Vbullet.... LOVE IT.

    With that said, I was playing around with the searching capabilities and wanted to comment on its current setup.

    I like to login and see new thread and posts. So naturally I notice the button that says..... NEW POSTS.

    So I make a new thread, and then go to see if it shows up in NEW POSTS.... no sir it does not.

    So I decide to search for it... .no dice there either.
    so I scratch my head, comment to myself something tacky about the administrator of this forum, and I try advanced search....

    Hey that worked....I found it... although the search form is bitching a lot at me about not providing enough words to do a search, and I like added 6 + words in the search bar... go figure.

    use advanced search to find stuff
    new posts DOES NOT SHOW ALL new posts. FYI
    and Good bye forever to WowBB.... may you rest in turmoil.... I will not miss you ever.


    ps hey Mr. Admin... you may want to tweak your settings in here just a little bit. Feels like a few settings are missing. Please accept my gratitude for a job well done. I am happy with what I have seen so far.

    Also I would like to upload my OWN avatars.... in flash format... how about turning it on...?
    Newest post in thread is supposed to be at the bottom....? like the rest of the world...?

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  • ok I see the oldest post on bottom is actually working correctly.

    Also, I see " quick links" is actually where I want to go to see the latest forum threads and posts....

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