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Server Maintenance

  • I was wondering what others are doing for server maintenance.. What does your server maintenance script include, how often is it run and does it reboot the server? And how often do you run patching on the servers? Thanks Chris

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  • Patching is managed seperatly through Kaseya, so the maintenance type items include:

    1) disk cleanup activities (i.e. a ccleaner type program)
    2) KES is typically installed so an engineer verifies the server is clean
    3) chkdsk at certain times over the year - again, all not requiring user interaction

    Thats really about it - all resources and measurables are monitored so if there is a failure we are made aware. Patches, which are a large part of maintaining a server are automated mostly though Kaseya. Server reboot during off hours 4-5am, patches deployed based on criticality. Scripts that clean usually run like once a month or so.

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