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Procedure to Fill in $SubmitterEmailAddress$ in System Generated Ticket

  • We are trying to have tickets in KSD that are auto-created from the Monitoring for Offline Machines via Policy Management put in the user profile email address for the submitter address of the ticket and are having difficulties finding a way to easily do this ...

    Any suggestions?

  • I wonder if comment on this thread would help you:



  • Nope - doesn't work here unless - The network is using Active Directory which is being monitored via Kaseya Discovery and is actually up to date with all the correct information ...

    In this case, we have several clients that don't even have a server - just 2 or 3 PCs .... Under the Machine Profile for Agents Tab - we have all of the person's info associated to the machine but we cannot find a way to pull that information into the ticket when it is a system generated service desk ticket (works perfectly if the end-user submits via their email to our email reader for Service Desk or uses the VSA webpage to submit a ticket and fills out the information) ... but again we want it to do this when the system generates a ticket for the endpoint to include the end-users info so they get alerted to the system generating the automatic email as well.