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Tickets remain locked when you cancel editing a ticket

  • We discovered this bug 5 months ago, around April of 2017 yet it remains un-resolved.  This is wasting a lot of time in our organization.  Has anyone in the community discovered an alternative fix for this?

    Request #178596 SD Tickets remain locked after cancelling changes

  • We are aware of this and have engineers currently working on this problem.  We how to have a solution shortly.

  • Same issue encountered,

    Request #203220 Service Desk Locked Tickets

    As an alternative solution, we manually "Re-open" the ticket thru Action button. But this is so much time consuming since you can only unlock 1 ticket at a time.

  • Hi Ryan, If you want to unlock multiple tickets at a time:

    go to Service Desk > Operations > Tickets

    then select tickets you want to unlock

    then Ticket (top menu under Service Desk select)  > Unlock



  • Thanks Charles for the info.

  • Nothing new about this? Latest patch but it is still not fixed...

  • Still nothing? Why is this so hard to fix?

  • Yes, This is really important to fix this ASAP

  • Agreed, we are desperate for this fix.

  • We see this issue to after the upgrade to 9.4 any new about this issue?

  • There was a fix for us that they put on our system.. Check with support and mention my name and they will remember the fix they gave me. we don't have that issue on our on-prem version anymore.. been running it for a few months now

  • Hey, everyone. We know the pain on this one. This had already been fixed but is going through QA to ensure it is safe to deploy. This was vetted and will be going out as part of (which is happening tomorrow).

  • Are there any plans to build this fix into a patch for 9.4?

  • The solution we get offered is to upgrade to 9.5 or actually to be put on this list for controlled releases.

    Who would want to upgrade to 9.5 if these problems can't be fixed within one year?

    I have urgently asked for the 9.4 fix as above is proved it is possible....

  • It'll go into a patch for 9.4 but needs to pass our QA process. We're aiming to get this within the next two patches. If you absolutely want to get the fix now, consider upgrading to 9.5 (review our release note: help.kaseya.com/.../RN). A reason you'd want to move up to 9.5 sooner is that it is literally the most stable release yet thanks to the feedback and extensive testing that had gone into it.