Dynamically Adding/Updating Organization's Contact data?

When creating a new Ticket (eg. using the Incident SD) as a SD User/Admin on behalf of an end-user, there is no obvious simple way to add a new Contacts/Staff record on the fly. Those Contact form fields on the Ticket forms can only accept existing values (except the Phone field). So if this is encountered, one must either (a) make a note to add the Contact record later & then update the Ticket, or (b) cancel out of the ticket form, create the new Contact/Staff record, and the re-create the Ticket. Alternatives? (other than ensure all Contacts are 100% created in advance!)

Tasks Associated with Tickets page

How are people using the /SD/Operation/Tasks Associated Tickets page/view/screen? I understand it could be great for project work say, when 99% of information entry is via Tasks and their Notes (rather than to the Ticket's Notes), but this view: (a) displays no existing Notes at all (only allowing new Notes to be added), and (b) has no quick access (eg. links) to the parent Ticket/s (to access the Details field etc).

And while there’s a SD definition option “Enable Incident Notes Pane” that sounds promising, it only applies to Tickets, and not “Tasks” page & not “Tasks Associated with Tickets”. So it seems to me that it could work well for new data entries, but not for reviewing any past work done.

Multiple Ticket column layouts for a SD possible?

Is it possible for a VSA User to have > 1 column layout for any SD, say depending on the View selected (ie. the task being performed at the time)? Ie. so only the desired information is listed for the view desired, rather than trying to display all columns (lots!), & then scrolling back & forth horizontally.

Quicker Update of Ticket listing?

Is there a simple way of immediately updating the list of Tickets to get the latest updates  (/SD/Operation/Tickets) instead of: (a) re-clicking /SD/Operation/Tickets, (b) hitting F5, (c) clicking the little clog-wheel then clicking Refresh,  (d) waiting for the next auto-refresh. All so slow and/or whole screen refreshes! Possible solution is a macro to simulate the 2 mouse clicks (we use MacroExpress appln).

Viewing Tickets from Multiple SDs

We have a small team of techs that work on both faults/incidents and changes/projects during any day & our current helpdesk (not VSA) lists ed/grouped/filtered together, so anyone’s total workload is 1 mouse click away. We are implementing the Incident (IN) SD and now look to do the same with the CH (ChangeRequest) SD, but worry that there is no View that has them both, and so will require staff to be flicking back & forth between the IN & CH SD’s, or they will forget & only get reminded by email notifications etc.

Service Procedures - logging of exceptions?

Is there any warning/logging of failed Step/instruction calls? Regardless of the “Halt/Continue on Fail” setting, it seems that it’s not always trivial to know if there was an issue or not, code simply may not get executed. I have taken to adding a debug/logging line (adds a hidden Note) to the 1st and last line of every single procedure, so that while testing new code, any unmatched entry/exit entries signals a failed call (for the most minor of human mistakes!).

writeProcedureLogEntry() procedure useage

Is there a trick to suing this call? My initial attempts to use it as a debug log had no luck (no entries in /SD/Administration/  Application Logging).

SendEmail() procedure useage

I thought the 1st parameter (“Send the email if the body…”) was optional, now (maybe after R8) it appears to be required. The 2nd parameter, ‘Message template’ seems to be now too, in that the SendEmail() call just seems to fail unless a template is specified, even though nothing says it must be specified