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Ticket not updated when customer answers

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I discovered last week that customer replying to a ticket aren't added to the ticket.

An error appears in the logs

Error processing email message '<E64CE4100D90E84D873DF076DBE4C73049A28B7B@emailserver>' (ticket IN004264 was not created)): Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
I've logged a ticket with KASEYA #54825.
All was working fine in release 7.
Now running latest R8.
Anyone else having this problem ?
This is getting very problematic and creating internal frustrations and customer being unhappy...
Thanks for your input.

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  • Hi,

    Are you referring to the email responses to tickets? If so, we are having a similar problem. We are running 6.5 still. We have notification emails sent out and responses are never updated into the ticket.

  • Hi James,

    Yes I confirm.

    It used to work fine in 7.

    We use this feature extensively and it will bite us if it's not sorted out rapidly.

    Ticket seems to be escalated to the engineers...

    Crossing my fingers.


  • Hi,

    John from Kaseya found the culprit for us. We had deleted a custom field called urgency when running R6.5

    Never was an issus but with R8 it this stopped the "calculate priority from working" which broke the "add note" functionallity and the email updating the ticket.

    Service desk is now working normally for us again.


  • Good to hear your issue is resolved. Ours was that we are using gmail and some of our security settings were editing emails reply to addresses. This causes the email chain to break and not update back to kaseya.