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Emails slow out of Service Desk

  • Just curious if anybody else has seen emails out of Service Desk to be slower than other Kaseya processes(alerts, procecures, etc)?  Have a SendEmail setup once ticket is escalated into a queue, but it takes 6-10 minutes for the email to be sent.  Other emails out of Kaseya(alerts, procedures) are within a minute of the action.  Slow email kind of causes an issue for agent offline type tickets.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, I find this as well.  Logged a ticket months ago but never got a satisfactory resolution.  Have you checked Common Configuration, Role Preferences?  You can alter the email delay by role here.  I never got it to go faster that 6 minutes.

  • Had not seen that.  Changed to 1 minute but still 6 minutes is the delay I get.

  • Found that old ticket I raised - I did some testing with setting the role delay to 1 minute (apparently you cannot set it to 0).

    Email created at 8:00

    at 8:05 it still showed as queued, even though other emails from alerts were going out straight away.  It finally went at 8:06

    I was eventually told "This delay is by design and cannot be removed" and the ticket closed.

  • I've noticed that as well and was able to get it to 6 minutes and haven't got any faster. I currently have a ticket open and they are still looking into it

  • Hi All,

    Emails from Service Desk that are not directly created by a user creating a ticket (example through an escalation procedure or by an email...) are automatically set back 5 minutes.  This is by design to make sure a ticket is created / updated properly before an email is sent out.  

    If you would like this to be an option in an upcoming version, please enter this into a ticket for out customer support and state you would like a feature added.

    Here is a work around for customers that have an on premise VSA (not SAAS).

    1.  Backup your database.  (always do this before making changes to database.)

    2.  Run the following query (you can adjust the last value in the insert statment to adjust the number of minute delay:

    insert kasadmin.SDIncidentAdmin (id, partitionid, ref, effid, hasuserdata, incmethodflag, refreshinterval, status, tranid, adminGroupId, emailSendDelay)

    values (-100,'1', 'User 0 for email delay', -100, 'N', 'N', 10, 1, -100, 0, 1)



  • Hi Charles. Thanks for the details so we are not trying to track down an issue that could not be resolved.  What is the ID -100 referencing?

  • Just an id that is not referencing anything, so as it will stand out as something the system did not put in. This will allow updates and easier removal if you need to change it.

  • What part of the query is then being referenced to kick in tickets to be 1 minute send instead of 5 minutes?

  • I understand the 1 at the end, just trying to picture how Kaseya knows to use this query over the others to send emails faster.

  • It is the 0 before the 1. The system will send a 0 for the admingroupid when there is no specific user, and by inserting this record it will override the default behavior and set the emailsenddelay to what you specify.

  • Charles
    If you would like this to be an option in an upcoming version, please enter this into a ticket for out customer support and state you would like a feature added.

    We now have a revised process for feature requests:  Feature requests can be directly submitted here - https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/categories/20135356-Feature-Requests.

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