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Kaseya Service Desk losing tickets

  • Since I did the upgrade on our server, I have been losing tickets.  The view I have set has absolutely no filters.  When I did the upgrade, I lost 99% of the closed Service Desk tickets.  Since that time, I have been losing one to three a day.  Again, I thought that it had something to do with a filter on the view, but when I choose No View, I should get everything, but I get a very short list.

    I have submitted a ticket with Kaseya, but that has gone nowhere, except to the same place that my missing Service Desk tickets have gone.

    Has anybody experienced this?  If yes, what was done?


    Charlie Liakos

    Midwest Technology Solutions, Inc.

  • Check your Desk Definitions setting for Auto Archiving Tickets. It may be set to archive closed tickets after just 1 day.

  • Take a look at the "search all" page. This will show all tickets, even if they have been archived.

    The system tab -> system log page will show if a ticket has been genuinely deleted, rather than archived.


  • Hi Charlie

    Another thing to check.  

    Are you in the master/master role?  If not and assigned the SD admin role type; go to SD desk definitions > edit the desk and in the general tab make sure you have the check box labeled "Only Masters see tickets that are not assigned to an organization?" unchecked.  If this box is checked and you are not master/master; when there is no organization on the ticket you will not be able to see the tickets.  

    Hope this helps.