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execute shell command() "No approved shell commands"

  • We can run shell commands from service desk anymore?

    Did anyone else use this besides me? It was kind of critical to us.

  • can't*

  • Shell commands need to be configured via an XML file.  Please see the Service Desk online help for details: help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm

  • You will need to place an xml file in the following folder


    Note that existing commands should continue to work . it only becomes an issue if you try and edit one of them.

    The other point to note is that the Help specifies the following format with outputvariable as Optional :

    <shellCommandDef label="Shell Command 2" commandToExecute="echo hello" waitForCompletion="true" sendOutputToLog="true" outputFile="c:\temp\fromcmd2.log" outputVariable="" />

    So 2 things to note

    1) What I have found is that unless you specify a variable the command will fail

    I've logged a ticket re this so it should get resolved , but in the interim just put some varname in as the outputVariable.

    2) And if your command string needs to include any Double quotes


    Echo “This is a test message”

    you will need to format the actual command as :

    Echo "This is a test message"  



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  • Thanks, I missed that memo.

  • 2.PNG

    That last post of mine wasn't so clear on what I meant by double quotes

    You need to do this as per the attached image

  • My issue is that i can't find the folder directory C:\Kaseya\xml\SDProcShellCommand\0 .

    should i create the directory manually or this is directory already exist?


  • I get the need to configure the xml to approve the script, but I cannot see any provision to pass a variable to the script. This seems like a fairly basic requirement but can anyone confirm if this is this possible? (And if so, how?)

  • Any variable you decare in the SD procedure  , or any standard SD Ticket Variable can be usdcan be used


    HEre I have decvalred 2 variables in my SD PRocedure [=starttime=] and [=endtime=] and have just used then in my xml as below.

    <shellCommandDef label="GetTimeDiff" commandToExecute="cscript.exe //nologo c:\kworking\sdtime.vbs [=starttime=] [=endtime=]" waitForCompletion="true" sendOutputToLog="false" outputFile="" outputVariable="TimeDiff" />

    The result of the above command is then returned as a new variable called "TimeDiff"   which I can then use in the SD Procedure as either #TimeDiff# if being used in an IF statement , or as [=TimeDiff=] if using the actual value


  • Thanks Paul, that is perfect.
  • Paul is this still working for you try to get this setup for a Shellcommando procedure but none of my variable are pushed....