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Documentation on Customers and Password

  • Hi! I was wondering if any of you use Kaseya for documentation for customers? And how, if you do? Also, if you save customers Password somewhere in Kaseya? Would be nice if you could have everything regarding a Customer in Kaseya, and not spread out in different programs. 

  • for several thing we use the 'notes' which are available for each system. The icon to open is in the upper-left section next to the 'status' and 'help' icons. passwords are not written down by us, because of security reasons and also all customers are allowed to change their own passwords.

  • Thanxs for the reply. I tested Notes, and that could be used to do Notes regarding one computer, but I would like to do Notes on a Org. And maybe be able to link documents to a Org.  Or if there is a third party prog that is good for documentation for customers. And the passwords I am referring to is the ones that the customer is not supposed to know.

  • For password storage we use KeePass (gpl software). With a master password you can open am encrypted database to store all your usernames and passwords.

    We never, ever store passwords in plain text or unencrypted files for security reasons. There is also a Java based web edition for KeePass.

    Just use your favorite search engineering for download links.

    KeePass can also be used to generate passwords using several algorythms, you can copy and paste these directly from KeePass to à browser or other program.

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  • You might want to check out ScorpionSoft (http://www.scorpionsoft.com).  I believe they either have or are working on a Password Vault that's integrated with Kaseya.

  • Another option:

    The Service Billing module allows you to define an Organization as a customer.  For each Customer, you can enter information under the 'Secure Data' tab.  This data is encrypted and stored in the Kaseya database.  In addition to the Customer view, you can also see this 'Secure Data' from a Service Desk ticket.  Once you associate a ticket an Organization/Customer, you can drill into the details for the Organization and view the Secure Data.  Access to Secure Data is governed by User Role.

  • We have created custom fields for User ID and Password.  Critical passwords and Network Devices'  passwords  are stored in Encrypted table within CRM.

  • Thank you all for your input. I will go with KeePass. If you know a app for iphone that could read the keepass db over ftp, that would be great.

  • For iPhone there is an app called "KyPass" which you can sync your KeePass database over Dropbox.

  • For iPhone, HIGHLY recommend Dropbox to sync the full DB, and then Minikeepass to read (downside: It stores a cached copy, but strong encryption for access to the KeePass database).  Both free.

    keepass.info/download.html - links to all the different KeePass ports.

    The biggest issue I have with KeePass is that you have access to the DB, you have access to all the data within the DB.  No multiple-user authentication scheme, or segmented permissions (Eg: View Folder1 but not Folder2)