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Using Managed Variables in Service Desk Sub-Procedures

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When using the "Check a variable" command in a Service Desk sub-procedure, it seems to suggest that you use the #variableName# format for our managed variables rather than the usual <variableName> format.

I'm trying to either check for the existence of a managed variable, or the presence of a particular character in a managed variable, but I can't seem to get it to work using either the ## or <> variable format.

When checking for the existence of the variable, it never exists - or when checking for the presence of a character, it is never present - even though in both cases, it should exist/be present...

It is therefore not recognising the variable.

Any suggestions?

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  • As far as I remember the Check a Variable commands requires the variable to be encapsulated in the # # tags.

    had this issue myself, the procedures them selves are not labelled very well.