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Update Agent : User Profile

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I'm looking for a way to update the Agent profile information with Contact Name, Contact e-mail address, and Contact number bases on the person logged in.

I'm aware you can do this manually from within Kaseya, Agent | Configure Agent | Edit profile,  however this is static information and would take mass amounts to do on thousands on agents/customers. 

I'm also aware that you can enable KDS Computer policy to map them however it then creates the OU structure of AD for Computer groups in Kaseya and this is outright crazy with hundreds of customers with hundreds of OU's.

There must be a way of run a script at login that can collect the user info (login name etc) and publish that to these fields by either SQL statement or agent procedure itself. This is all to allow users to double click the agent icon in the system tray and raise a ticket without having to populate the profile information manually. (or have KDS create thousands of pointless computer groups). The collecting info part is easy but updating these fields seems impossible?

Any and all idea's welcome. Confused

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  • Seriously - there's no way to do this?