i have created a custom desk and have set the goal based on Severity. i want to configure ticket change procedure for the goal to be assigned as per the new Severity.

eg. New Ticket Goal as per Severity.

Sev1 - 2 hrs

Sev2 - 4 hrs

Sev3 - 8 hrs

Sev4 - 24 hrs

Now, if i create a new incident of Sev1 and after some time change the severity of the incident to Sev3 it should change the goal time of incident to 8 hours from ticket creation date and time. When i change the severity of incident the goal time jumps to 15-20 days ahead. :(

When an new incident is created the goal for each Severity works perfect.

i'm not good with SQL however managed to get a command to do so. still no success.

Attached is the snapshot of the Ticket Change & Sub-Procedure.

Kindly advice me if the procedure has been designed correctly.