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User based tickets as opposed to machine based tickets

  • Hi,

    From what I have read so far and trialed, it seems that a user can view any tickets created from a machine by double clicking the kaseya icon and going to ticketing.

    However these are all the tickets created from the machine not created by the user.

    - What if you have multiple users for a machine and you do not want seperate users accessing other users tickets?

    - What if a user works at a desktop part time and a laptop part time (multiple systems/agents)? How can that user view all the tickets that relate only to him/her?

    My initial assumption of service desk from a portal design was that it would associate the logged on username (Active Directory username) on the machine and use this as a ticket filter. I.E a user can only see, add and edit tickets that relate to themselves. I'm certain this would be a required design by many people and therefore I think I am simply going about the setup incorrectly. Can someone please show me where I am going wrong?

    P.S This is on SaaS with 6.2 and service desk enabled

  • In the existing version, the default end-user portal accessed by double clicking the Kaseya tray icon is machine centric as you've described.

    As an alternative, you could consider setting up user logins (with a limited role and scope) for end users where they would login to the Web UI to create and access tickets.  Directory Services can be used to automatically create the end user accounts based on the users defined in Active Directory; in which case end users can login using their familiar domain credentials (i.e. they don't have to remember a separate set of credentials).  The Kaseya tray icon menu can be configured to point users to the standard login page, and the login page can be customized to be more friendly for end users (e.g. verbiage asking them to enter their windows login credentials).  Through roles and scopes, you can trim down the menus to provide only those options applicable to end users (perhaps just the ticket grid with only their tickets).

  • Thanks Kevin I will try that for now. Any idea if this might be changed for the upcoming 6.3?

  • An enhanced end-user portal is on the roadmap.  However, we have not yet identified a target timeframe.