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Time Tracking in Service Desk

  • Hello All,


    I need some help in tracking time worked on a ticket for different application support in Service Desk. 

    In the old ticket module I'd just pull a report on the ticket fields and hours listed, but I don't see any time input for SD, just a AUTO, Enable, etc. for time tracking which I assume is linked to the Time Tracking module but I can't seem to figure out how to utilize it.  

  • If you want see the 'Hours Worked' prompt during ticket entry, ensure that the 'Auto Save Clock' option is *unchecked* for the desk under Service Desk / Desk Definition / Edit / General Info.  Ticket time gets reported on the 'Service Hours' report.  Also, the time entered on a ticket will automatically flow to Time Tracking, and you can also have the time flow to the Service Billing module.  Service Billing is a great way to get a look at time by Organization/Customer and by period.  See this help page and this help page for further details on the various Time Tracking and Service Billing options.

  • SWEET! Thanks Kevin, that's Just what I'm looking for. :D

  • Have you tried Time Clock? I use this tool for tracking time and project bills, not just bills, but it also tracks cost or expenses and project proceedings.


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  • I recommend you try using Time Doctor. It’s a good tool for measuring how much time (automated) you spent working on the computer. It has multiple ways to confirm if the time tracked was real and the time was a genuine working time such as checking websites visited and software applications used on the computer.