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  • I am able to see under KSB - Customer - Tickets - all the service desk tickets. However, I am stuck at making that service desk ticket into an invoice. Any suggestions on what steps I should take from here?

    Is there a way to make that process automated?

  • Make sure that you have configured the integration between Service Desk, Time Tracking, and Service Billing:

    In Service Desk:

    1. Make sure you have the 'Enable Service Billing Integration' selected. You can find this under Service Desk - Desk Definition - Edit Desk. You will find a checkbox for this option.

    In Time Tracking:

    1. Make sure you are submitting your time to Service Billing. You can find this under Time Tracking - Configure - Settings - Billing section. There is a checkbox to 'Submit Time Entry Data to Service Billing'.

    2. Check your Timesheet Approvals. If you use Timesheet Approvals, time is only submitted to billing when the period is closed.

    When everything is configured, time entered on tickets will flow through Time Tracking to Service Billing.  The time will show up in Service Billing under Pending Items.

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